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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bulk upload multiple images to the Catalog in a flash! (web and iOS)

Not all of us work with two-dimensional artworks. Most of the time, we need multiple images to convey various perspectives of one art object to our audiences. Instead of filling out all of the metadata fields multiple times for each separate image, you only complete the metadata fields *one time* before bulk uploading all of the images simultaneously.

Wölff wants to simplify the migration of your images to the Catalog ;).

On the Web

Select multiple images by dragging your mouse cursor or by holding down the Shift key and clicking multiple images:

The basic metadata (title, movement, date, material, location, etc.) applies to all of the images you selected; therefore, you must only enter it one time:

For each image, you can add a descriptive "iconography" and, of course, a credit for the photograph's author:

On iOS (very similar)

Tap multiple images from those stored on your local device (the images you select are designated with checkmarks):

Enter the art object's metadata only once (on the right half of the screen), and scroll through each image (on the left half) to add any specific iconographic information and/or photography credits:

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