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Friday, February 6, 2015

Where can I find high resolution images online?

Many places, and quite easily. Especially for images of artworks created before 1924 (i.e. digital reproductions that are in the public domain). Please click here for CAA's *wonderful* guide to fair use practices for images.

1. Websites of Museums, Libraries, and Archives

Institutions are formally digitizing their permanent collections.
Click here for a complete list maintained by the College Art Association (CAA).

2. Wikimedia Commons

TIP: search for art and add the term "Google" to filter out the super high res JPGs from the Google Art Project, which have been archived on Wikimedia.

3. Google Image Search

TIP: click "Search tools" then: (a) filter for "Large" size images and (b) "Show sizes". The first image has high resolution, 5872 x 4008. Try to find images whose resolution dimensions are both > 2000.

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