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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How do I connect my iPad/iPhone to a projector?

You can project your slideshows physically with an adapter (a.k.a. "dongle) or wirelessly with AppleTV.

1. Wire-full: Dongle

HDMI dongle (left) versus VGA dongle (right)
You'll need to answer 2 questions before purchasing a dongle:

  • Do you have the "older generation" device (iPad 3 or iPhone 4 and prior) with the wider socket on the bottom, or the newer style narrow lightning socket (iPad air and iPhone 5/6)? 
  • Do you have a state-of-the-art HDMI high-definition projector, or a standard VGA projector? 
Dongle adapters can be purchased on or

2. Wire-less: AppleTV

Thanks to Apple's proprietary "AirPlay", you can broadcast your slideshows wirelessly with an AppleTV. Click here/forward this URL to your tech support team for installation assistance. To connect your device to AppleTV, drag your finger upward from the bottom edge to the screen's midpoint. Tap Airplay, select Apple TV, and switch on "Mirroring."

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